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Shown below are the models that I have in stock.  Each is designed to meet a specific serving need and all are made of durable long lasting, stainless steel with tong slots to allow ease of handling.  I'm proud to state that my grates have received the prestigious "Best of Rhode Island" award for how well they cook & serve Rhode Island's delicious oysters and clams. 

Appetizer Set of 4 GreatGrates
The Appetizer Set serves four guests up to six shellfish each. Each unit comes with a sauce cup for butter or cocktail sauce.  With a "WOW" table presentation,  each grate fits on an 8" dinner plate.  Use on your grill or oven.
Appetizer Set for Four

$8.00 S&H
 Total $47.95

Small appetizer model
Available Wholesale

Largest Great Grate
This rectangular model(12x16) is for cooking and serving to larger groups or hungry slurppers.  It is sized to fit on a 1/2 hotel sheet and holds up to 52 shellfish. This is really for shellfish lovers! Use on your grill or oven.  When ready place the entire GreatGrate on a large platter serve, and get out of the way!  This model DOES NOT come in a box any longer.  Sorry.   
$40.49 plus $9.00 s&h
call 401-932-7397 or use the Checkout pages
Available Wholesale

Gourmet Gift Set
Available Wholesale
This model of the GreatGrate sized for an individual serving, includes a grooved hardwood serving tray and a sauce cup. Cooking up to 16 shellfish, it can be used on your grill or oven.  When the shellfish are cooked, remove from heat and place the entire GreatGrate on the tray for serving.
$27.95 plus $9.95 S&H
call 401-932-7397 to order or use the Checkout pages